Sunday, July 20, 2008

The "Under The Sea" Party.

I am sure you are all over Ady's birthday month extravaganza. Even I am. In retrospect, 1 party would have been fine, but it was nice to have a nice family party to relax a bit then have a big friend bash on a seperate night. But, sheesh, we are tired. 

Last night was the big friend pool party. The weather was so hot all day that even though we only heat the pool to 84 degrees, it was sun heated all the way up to 89 degrees. It was like a big bath, so I am glad we had the party in the evening cuz it felt so nice in the water. The party was a lot of fun, a bunch of our favorite families came and played and ate. We ordered the food from Rumbi this time so there was much less work for us. 

I bought this dress like 4 months ago for the party since I thought it looked mermaid-ish. But she only wore it for 5 minutes then wanted in the pool. So, that was kind of a waste. But, she sure was cute for that 5 mins.

Our little family.

Yummy. Dippidee cupcakes. They are to die for good.

The party was really fun and I loved seeing all the kids loving the water. Literally every single kid at the party was in the water most of the night.

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