Friday, July 11, 2008

And the Backyard is.... FINISHED!!

And not a moment too soon,  Ady's swim Birthday party is next week. We are finally enjoying, actually LOVING having a backyard, I cannot keep the kids in the house. As soon as Max wakes up his nose is pressed up against the back door window.

(the waterfall, hot hub and kiddie pool)

This little fountain area is called a wet deck, its for the kids to run around and splash in the fountains. The texture of the concrete is rough also so there are no slips. Plus Eric makes everyone who comes over sign a liability waiver.......haha, that is not true, but I am sure some of you who know Eric might have believed that for a second.

Hopefully this will entice some of our out of town friends and family to visit. Grandpa Jim Kandell, we have a chaise with your name on it, not literally but if thats what you need I will go hand stitch it myself. 
But, we are really are so excited for all the summer backyard BBQ's and pool parties. Summer is almost half way over so we have a lot of playin to do!!
So everyone bring your kiddies over!

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