Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bear Lake Baby!

Well, another Adventurous weekend has come and gone. This past weekend we were up in Bear Lake with 2 of our favorite families to hang out with. Garrett and Danielle White and their little girl Bailee and Nate and Erin Wathen and their little dude Beckham.
 (both cute families are pictured below)
We stayed at the Wathens cabin in Bear Lake West. It was such a fun little weekend getaway.

We spent time of course, out on the lake, at the cabin relaxing and exploring the mountains. Check out this lizard we caught and Ady wanted to keep.

Ady loves the boat more and more each time we go out. I think by the time she is 10 she will be able to pull Eric around on the wakeboard!!

Ok, now in this picture below, is my smokin' hot husband Eric on the air chair, and this was not only his first time ever getting up on the air chair, it was his first attempt to even do it, EVER!! Everyone was so surprised, they said they have never seen someone get up their first try.... not that is dosen't ever happen, it's just very rare.

All the kids liked being on the back of the boat watching their daddies, surf, air chair and wakeboard. The kids loved playing together. Ady was the oldest being 3, then Bailee is 17 months, Max is 15 months and Becks is 13 months. They were all so cute together. And they were pretty good for the most part considering the heat, the bulky lifejackets and all.

Saturday night we took all the kids on a 4 wheeler ride to the top of this mountain so we could get a great view of the entire lake. It was so pretty.

When we got the the clearing at the top of the mountain, Ady wanted to pick flowers and make a pretty bouquet.

Here are the daddies on the 4 wheelers with their kids.

We also spent some time hangin out on the beach. The kids loved playin in the sand and getting all sandy.

We had tons of fun at the Wathens cabin, and out on the lake. Thanks so much for taking us! We loved all the boating, the yummy food, and sweets (danielle), the 4 wheeling, the card games etc. It was all so fun. 

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