Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Princess Party

(Adyson and her best cousin buddy Easton, now Ady is 3 like Easton)

Last night was Adyson's family birthday party. The last 2 years we have had one big party for all Ady's family and friends and they have been fun but SOO crazy. It's hard when so many people are there to really get to talk to everyone and enjoy the party so this year we split it up into one family BBQ and pool party then later this week we are having her "Under The Sea" friends party. Anyway, so the Princess party was really fun. Eric cooked his famous flank steak and we made yummy sides. Everyone ate, swam and hung out. It was really nice.

Here is the beautiful princess cake that was as delicious as it was pretty.

Ady with her Aunt Breanna, and her Great G'ma Hatch

The weather cooperated nicely so we were able to eat and have the whole party outside.

Ady loved having all her aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents there.

Just as we were lighting the birthday candles for Ady's cake a little breeze came up and it would not light, we tried blocking it with towels and everything so Ady ended up blowing out the lighter after we sang to her.

Most everyone took a dip in the pool then ended up in the hot tub.

Max loved the birthday cake, he ate most of my brother Brady and his girlfriend Natalie's cake 

From her parents, Ady got a 2 wheeler bike with training wheels.

We were so glad everyone came and we got to have some good family time to celebrate Ady's birthday. The kids loved playing together and running around with my little sisters. Breanna and Christa make the best babysitters.

Thanks everyone who came to Ady's family party, we are excited for party #2 this weeekend. Woohoo! Party week!

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