Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th Week in Ohio

Last night on a late flight we returned home from our week in Ohio, well not a full week, but the longest we have ever gone. 6 whole days! Eric and his sister Lisa grew up right next door to their cousins the 4 Marsh's, Mariah, Weston, Adam and Amanda. And now that they are all grown up and have their own kids. We all try to fly back home to their old stomping grounds at the same time every summer. For a big cousin reunion of sorts.
We are not sure who has more fun, all our kids together, or the grown up original Ohio cousins. It's so fun to be there with everyone though.

Max for sure was the most un-shy we have seen him this weekend. He wanted to run with the big kids, see the donkeys, ride the golf carts, EVERYTHING!

Ady loved all of it too, she is for sure all girl and loves pretty stuff and princess things. But she is not afraid to hold the fish we catch, dig for worms and get dirty.

Fishing at Muzzy Lake was a big highlight of the trip, then we brought the catches home and put them in the Kandells pond for the kids to re-fish out over and over.

Then there was Kent-Fest, downtown Kent has a big food, craft and game fair. We all went down on the weekend together with the kids. Here is the whole crew minus the Keslers (who had just left to go back home) and Weston who took the pic.

These is the Original Kandell family, Jim, Sue. Eric and Lisa, and of course our kids.

Ady and her cousin Avery...Ady loves that roasted corn.

We got good food and the kids had fun playing and getting Tattooed. Ady got a butterfly and Max got a superman logo.

We also got in the Kandell pool a few times everyday, the kids loved cooling off and splashing around. Also Eric and his cousin Weston were always competing off the diving board.

See how sad Max was when we told him that we had to go back home on Monday night?? He was broken hearted.

Two of Ady's favorite things, her new harmonica (thanks Mariah!) and watermelon.

Yesterday on the 7th, (ady's official b-day) the cousins gave her a little birthday surprise of a yummy rose cake and some fun presents. We love our cousins! Wish they all lived in Utah so they could come to the Princess Party next week.

Well, Ohio was so much fun. I think my kids were a little disappointed this morning to wake up and find, it was just me and we were back at just "our house". Oh well til next year. "Thanks for all the fun and memories Kandell, Marsh, Kesler, Lovell and Desatoff cousins!!" We love you all and miss you already!
And thanks for hosting Sue, Jim, Cindi and Gordie!
Your homes and yards are kid paradise!

Oh and last but not least, for a big party we threw on the 5th for all Eric and Lisa's friends from OHio and their kids. Eric and Weston got a huge tarp and made a huge slip-n-slide, they LOVED it! Here is a clip of Max and Eric on it! (I have no idea why I have no pics from the big party and the fireworks but oh well)

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