Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girl's (& Max) Day In Park City

(Me, Bree, Christa and Ady)

My younger sisters, Breanna (10) and Christa (13) have been up in Park City this week for a dance camp at the Yarrow hotel. My mom has been staying up there too, so she can shuttle them to and from classes and workshops. Sabra (the winner from So You Think You Can Dance) has even taught some of their classes, some other finalists from the show have too. But, since my mom has only been mostly a chauffer, she asked if me and the kids would mind coming up for a day and a night to visit. So, since this was a pretty non eventful week we went up.

(My mom, Max, Bree and Christa and Ady)

This picture was taken at the base of the Alpine Slide, now everyone from Utah knows about the Alpine slide and coaster, but for those who aren't from the area. The Alpine slide is a huge cement track that goes all the way down the mountain that you ride a ski lift up to the top of, then fly down as fast as you can on these little carts. It is so much fun.
(picture below is of the slide)

The ride up on the ski lift is so beautiful too. My sisters, Adyson and I did it, while my mom and Max (too young by 8 months) watched from the bottom.

(Bree and Ady on the ski lift)

I thought Ady would be a little nervous flyin down the mountain, but she was yellin "woohoo" and "this is a fun ride" the whole way down.

(Ady and I safely at the bottom of the run)

Then afterwards we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a little sweet. 

(Ady, Christa, Max and Breanna)

Thanks mom for having us come up, the shopping , lunches, and all were a lot of fun. Oh and thanks to Eric's Aunt Cindi and Uncle Gordy who let us stay at their beautiful condo. 

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