Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7th - Ady's Birthday

Adyson Rose Kandell
Born July 7, 2005

Almost to the hour, 3 years ago, my sweet Ady made me a mother. After the longest labor, 4 non-working epidurals, screaming, crying and lots of family support. My baby girl was born. It seems sometimes the things that are the hardest are the most worth their end result. And Ady certainly was.

Eric and I always say how sweet, obedient and wonderful we think Ady is. (what parents dosen't?) We are so grateful for the blessing Ady is to our home. She turned a little married couple into a family. We are so happy she is ours.

Happy Birthday Little Ady Bug, our pretty princess. We love you so much!!
Photography by Ashlee Raubach

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