Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday Night at the Lake

We discovered a new great idea. Evening boating. I know its not a new idea but we had never done it with the kids until last night and it was great. Cuz the sun isnt beating down on them, the water was calm and it was just a quick 2 hours out on the lake. So fun!

We packed a picnic dinner and went out on Utah Lake with the Miner family (pictured above) and my sister Breanna and Christa who were spending the night with us. The kids had a lot of fun and it was pretty and nice weather for the adults to eat and relax on the boat.

Eric taught both Breanna and Christa to kneeboard. Christa was even doing 360's her first time up! And we were so happy to see Breanna out there cuz the last time (Flaming Gorge '06) Eric talked Breanna into doing something she got drug under a tube and was completely traumatized.

Eric even took Max out on the kneeboard. I was laughing so hard, Max was just laying on his back on the kneeboard staring at the boat. Expressionless. Not scared, not excited... nothing just blank. I took video of it but since I was laughing so hard, the video is bumpy and well.... annoying with laughter.

(MAx had oreos ...that is not dirt in his teeth)

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