Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Days

We have been so excited for this weekend to finally come, the pool is done, the boat is out of storage and we are ready to have some serious summer fun. This morning we went out on Utah Lake with us and our kids, Nate and Erin Wathen and their baby boy Beckham and Aaron and Ashley Waller and their girls Brea and Ava. It was so fun!

Ady absolutely loved every minute of the wind blowing in her hair, watching daddy and the other daddies surf and wakeboard. Max was so good too ( I was surprised HOW good) he never slept but just relaxed in my arms the whole morning.

Here is the cute Wallers, Aaron Ash and cute!

Eric was feeling like an old man today since he was doing a backflip (hardly an old mans trick) on his wakeboard and thought he tore something in his knee.  Turns out he will be just fine. Only his ego had actual damage.

I loved watching how much fun the kids all had together being on the lake for a few hours.
Ady even tried to be big like Brea and lay out in the front of the boat.

Then after we got off the lake we came home to our house, for lunch and a little dip in the recently completed Kandell pool. Our landscaping wont be completed for another week so there was no grass to lay on but the kids had fun getting in the water.

Thanks Wallers and Wathens for a perfect summer Saturday, lets do it every week!

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