Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moms Away and the kids will play! (WITH DADDY)

So Hailey has been in Florida since Wed night and I have had the kids all to myself.  I cannot take 100% full credit as I do have to work during the day so from 8-6 each day they are with our sitter.  HOWEVER, I am in full control of the household when I get home and frankly it has been really fun and I feel I have done a good job by myself!  Now let me get this out of the way first.  DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER.  I do NOT think I am nearly as capable as Hailey nor do I for a second have any desire to do this MR MOM thing on a regular basis, BUT!  Yes there is a BUT, I have really enjoyed the time with the kids and I still have all night tonight to go.  We have been to lots of parks, we have read stories, have watched movies, cleaned, eaten and all those fun things, but MAINLY I have liked being the one they NEED these past few days.  It is always really easy for me to take the easy road and after a long day at work if I come home and the kids are needy I can count on Hailey to assist.  Well I have not had that option and have actually liked being the one to have to handle it all!

My kids are so good.  Max has slept no problem every night and Ady has been a little spoiled and has slept on the floor in my room and even in bed with me last night!   I guess Hailey can break that habit really fast when she gets back.

Well Hailey is a super mom and really deserved this GIRLS TRIP she is on.  I hope she rested up and is ready for these wonderful kids when she returns.  I have loved it!


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