Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sunny Saturday

This past Friday, I got my wisdom teeth out, so I was planning on spending the entire weekend in bed. I figured I would be swollen and miserable, especially since a couple of my teeth were in bad positions, one was sideways and one was under bone. But, all 4 came out pretty much without incident. A little soreness and grogginess on Friday (from being put under). But, overall it was nothing like I imagined. So, Saturday morning we went up the the Gateway and took the kids to the Children's Museum. The kids had a lot of fun playing together and even Eric was fascinated by the flying paper exhibit upstairs.

Then that night, Eric's aunt Cindi was in town from Ohio, so we went to a park for a little outdoor picnic with her, Erics cousin Amanda, her hubby Nate and their baby Bjork. The Lovells also came. The kid had fun playing and it was nice to see Eric's family. 

Easton and Ady - cutest little buddies.

Thanks Steve for all that pushing you did, Ady and Easton sure love those swings! Ady could stay on a swing for hours. If she could convince some one to push her. I think it is time she learned how to pump. 

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