Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tribute to Fatherhood

My Eric, the best father I could ever hope for my kids to have. 

The day Adyson was born Eric told me, "Can you believe that you can even love someone this much?"  I do not remember everything that happened that day and the things everyone said to me that day but I do remember Eric saying that to me as vividly as if it happened ten minutes ago. Eric was a proud and loving dad from the moment we found out we were expecting Adyson, I think we texted or called everyone we knew that night. And when we brought her home from the hospital and people would come to visit he would tear her out of my hands and run carrying her to the front door. He was so genuinely happy to be a dad.

The morning after Max was born Eric was laying in the couch (pictured above) with Maxwell sleeping on his chest. And he said "Don't you just want like 10 of these?" I love that so much about Eric, he really loves our kids and being a dad so much. Even though they overwhelm us both sometimes. He still loves it enough to want to have a big family. I think that is one of the reasons I fell in love with Eric, we didnt agree on everything but we did both want a big family and soon too! I love that we both feel how blessed we are to be given our wonderful children. I know Eric thinks they are they greatest thing that has ever happened to him. And they are. 

Eric is such a loving, fun, animated, adventurous dad. My kids and other people kids love to play and be around him. He is a thoughtful and sweet dad and always has our families best interest at heart. We are so grateful for him for being such a hard worker and provider for us too. He has this amazingly positive outlook on life, and he always makes the people around him happy ....just by being so happy himself.

He is always willing to help out if I need it or to step in if I am having a bad day. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for my children to have a father who honors his role as a dad.

Eric knows being a dad is not always fun....

or easy........

or as glamourous as it may sound.....

But I know he loves being a dad and loves having kids who love him so much.
Eric, we are grateful for everything you do for us and for the wonderful dad you are.. We know how lucky we are to have you and we love you so much!
Happy Fathers Day!!!!

And a Fathers Day Tribute would not be complete without mention of our dads as well...

My dad, Shane Smoot, What can I say about my dad? If you know him you know all the wonderful things about him. He is honest, hard working, spiritual and truly one of the best men I think I know. I have always been proud to tell people who my father is. He is a wonderful husband to my mom and takes his role as father as the most important job he has been given. My ada has taught me so much and to never settle. He taught me to set and reach my goals and to always be grateful for everything. I respect him more than he knows and love him so much for all his has done for me!! He is the best dad a girl could have. And I hope he knows how proud I am to be his. Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

And last but certainly not least... my father in law. Jim Kandell, who I am so grateful for and admire so much. I feel like I have so much to be grateful to Jim for. He raised my husband to be the wonderful man that he is today. Jim taught Eric so much and lead by his great example. And I am so happy that Eric IS the kind of man Jim is. Jim taught Eric to work hard and to be a loving father. The most important traits I would want for the father of my children. Jim has always been so open and welcoming to me from the first night I met him and Sue. And I love them both so much! Happy Fathers Day Jim!! Thanks for all you do!

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