Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday Night in the Mountains

This past Friday night we went up the canyon with 2 other families to do tin foil dinners and s'mores. I don't know why we haven't done this more this summer
(maybe because of new Lucy?) because it was so fun. The kids were in heaven getting dirty and exploring.

(My kids and the Tornow girls, I wish I had more pics of the Skinrood kids but every time I took out my camera, David ran off)

Lucy in the wilderness

We roasted hot dogs and cooked our dinner tin foil creations. Which were actually really good. There is nothing my husband cant cook.

I love this face..

And I believe my kids only had 3 courses of sugar for the night and no actual food with any nutritional value... but they sure were happy.

Miss Lucy is Miss Crosseyes in like every picture we take, she either crosses her eyes or spits up or sneezes.
Hmmm... what's on my nose mom??

{PS I'm getting my roots touched up tomorrow...}

The kids were so cute, they built their own "bonfire" out of sticks and leaves over in the trees they they sat around and pretended to cook over. I love how their little imaginations work.

But they did need to come hang out at the real fire to make their s'mores later on...

I love that I caught this on camera, Max dropped his s'mores of his plate and did a typical "Max" upset routine. First comes the "heeey...oh no fair I dropped mine" face, followed by his pouting face then the screaming crying starts.
This is SOOO Maxwell. If you have spent anytime with him, you are familiar with these faces.

We knew that once someone got that upset over s'mores. it was bedtime
and Lucy agreed.

So we headed home.

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