Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lucy's Blessing Day

August 1, 2010
Lucy Ann Kandell was given a name and a blessing by her father at our church. It was a wonderful and special day that we got to spend with so many of our family and friends. We appreciate everyone who came to support us and Baby Lu.

Our family of 5

Sweet Lucy

This cute little bootie was worn by my mom, Lucy's Grandma Stacey Ann (who Lu's gets her middle name from) when she was blessed, so Lucy wore it for her blessing

Drowning in fabric... but so adorable.

After the blessing at the church we had a luncheon at our house for everyone who came

Some of the people we love, who came. Eric did the photog work of the guests. Sorry for those he didn't get and sorry to some of you he did. :)

Big thanks to Dippidee for the cupcakes, cookies and heavenly bites
Ashly Lark for the cute stickers and water lables
And my mother, sisters in law Natalie and Lisa
and girlfriends Lindy and Chels for all the food help.

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