Tuesday, August 17, 2010

San Diego Weekend

{Eric and Lulu in her stroller in the Gaslamp}

This past weekend, I got to spend in San Diego with these 2, Eric and Baby Lucy.
I'm sad I don't have more pics but it seems like I don't pull the camera out as much when Ady and Max aren't around.
But here are the highlights of our weekend
- Dinner of delicious fish tacos on Coronado Friday night with Danny and Diana DeBate. Our good friends who just moved to San Diego the week Lucy was born.
- staying at the beautiful historic US Grant hotel
- Watching Eric almost lose his patience driving down the 5 from LA in traffic Friday afternoon
- Mexican Breakfast in the Gaslamp
-Our 3 mile stroll around the Gaslamp Quarter and Seaside Village Saturday morning with Lucy
-The Fish Market
- taking a Saturday afternoon nap with my 2 loves
- Kevin Riley (aka K dogg, Diddy, Diddy Dogg, Eric's old BYU/post BYU room mate) and his beautiful bride Sara get married which was the purpose of this entire trip.
-Their lovely reception at the Thursday Club, with its beautiful garden and lovely view of the ocean and seeing Kevin so happy.
-seeing old friends at the reception
- Dessert room service (sweets for me, cheese tray for Eric, as usual)
- our drive to Burbank on Sunday
-Visitng Cat and Weston (Erics cousin) and their kids for the afternoon
-how easy flights are with just one little tiny baby instead of 3 kids
-having our friend Dave Jaynes on our flight home and catching up with him
- all the one on one time Lucy got with her Daddy for once

So fun. Ohio post coming soon, I just had to sort through my 300 photos first.

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