Friday, August 27, 2010

six years

{my wedding reception bouquet}

Happy 6 years Eric! It feels like just yesterday I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick waiting in the waiting room to get married. Somehow that day you were the calm one. But at the same time I feel like I have been with you for far longer. We have done so much with our 6 years and looking back through pictures this morning has me happily remembering some of the best times we had.
- Swimming with the sharks on our honeymoon in Bora Bora.
- Our tiny bumpy plane ride from Tahiti to Moorea where you thought you were gonna die
- finding out after 2 months of marriage we were expecting Adyson
- all those morning sick days that should have been our "honeymoon phase" of life
-starting your own new mortgage branch
- painting Ady's nursery with you
-babymoon in the riviera Maya
-can i just say "yellow cardboard signs" and you'll know what I mean? Autoship?
- holding your hand when our first baby was born and how over the top happy you were
- learning how to parent together "dont let the bugs get you"
-celebrating our anniversary with our new babe
-Ady's first Christmas in Ohio
- finding out we were pregnant with our 2nd when Ady had just turned 1
- "it's a boy"
-Max's birth and the teams were even.
- when we thought we were so busy with our 2 kids under 2 years old
- moving to our new home
-quick jaunts to Vegas for sushi, steak, and Cirque shows
- all our trips to Disneyland/world
- hosting family and friends for Holidays
- visitng Ohio/ and july 4th trips
- BBQ's with the Kandells and best ribs ever
-Easters in St George
-one a week budget nights
- you teaching me how to cook, and me teaching you how to stand (or I try)
- Greece, Oia, Santorini, my panic attack, baked feta, Lucky's
- fondue parties, sushi parties
-cabin trips with my family
-waiting for baby #3 and your sweet supportiveness
-SVU sunday marathons while you nap in the theatre
-your cheese plates
-Monday nights at Harmons
-trying to keep you awake to watch "The Soup" on Friday nights
- adventures and travels with the kids Maui, Cabo, Costa Rica, Bahamas etc.
- finding out we were finally pregnant again
-#3 is a girl (sorry Max)
-more morning sickness and all that crying
- lots of family swim nights and Saturdays
- Weekend breakfasts and cartoons with the kids
- Lucy's birth and all 3 of us sleeping in my hospital bed
-"sure do babe, sure do"

We've done well for 6 years Babe. Can't wait for 50 more. {if you live that long :)}
I love you and our kids more than anything in the world.
Happy Anniversary.

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