Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daddy Post

Okay so I am really busy today at work as it is the last day of the month to fund our loans, however I have had a desire to blog a bit today about my kids and wife. I really am a very blessed man these days.

Adyson: Well Hailey will tell you that Ady is my precious, never do wrong, beautiful, make me melt, daughter. Serioulsy it scares me how much I love her and feel she can do no wrong. What is not to love about her? Lately here are some of the things that she has been doing that I enjoy so much:
1. She loves to make little beds all over the floor and cuddle up and lay in them
2. She still loves dressing up like a little princess
3. She loves helping me cook. This is my CURRENT FAVORITE FAVORITE. It reminds me of growing up and wanting to do the same with my parents. Every night i get home from work she asks, "what are we going to make daddy?"
4. She loves flowers, it reminds me of my mom.
5. She loves to eat strange foods, but thinks tomatoes are nasty! JUST LIKE ME

Max: He is getting so big, he is bigger than Ady. Even though he is so big, he is still a softy and a mommy's boy and I must admit, I like that. I dont want him being too tough quite yet. He loves to be held and loves when I sing songs to him. Yes I do sing to Max.
Here are some of the things he has been doing lately that I really enjoy:
1. Loves to run away and play hide and seek. If I act like I am going to go after him, he just takes off running with the funniest grin on his face.
2. He loves to Eat. Now that reminds me of my Dad. It doesnt matter the time of day or his mood, Max will eat it.
3. He loves to shower! The other day i turned on the shower to get it ready for max and before i could tell him NO, he had walked in the shower with PJS and diaper still on and just scooted back into the water. It was so funny. You had to see it to understand.
4. He adores his sister. If Ady has it, max wants it. I am trying to teach him that this does NOT WORK for princess dresses. I think it is so cool how he looks up to her. This reminds me of my sister Lisa because she has always wanted to be like me! Ha ha just kidding she is much more than I am.
5. Max loves to scream. Now I must admit I dont like this much, but it is a part of max right now and I want to look back and be able to remember. We will be driving in the car and out of nowhere he will just scream loud and then laugh.

Hailey! Wow what a super wife and mom. I don't publically give her that much credit and need to. I hear stories from time to time from my friends and co-workers about how hard kids are or their wife said this or that. I can only tell you I have it made! She is such a great mom, and is got to be the most organized person I know (other than me). If you were to open her calender you would see all sorts of stuff every day. Hailey manages to do so much and still keeps a clear head and good attitude. Here is a list of some great things Hailey has done lately:
1. She is my super event planner. She single handedly organized my entire company trip to Cabo and it went off perfectly! She is throwing a great big shower for our neighbor this weekend, has planned her brother's honeymoon, is working on the wedding, and so much more
2. She is the great at keeping the house tidy when i get home from work. Now i thought about not putting this on the list in fear that i may look like a male shovenist, but I must admit, it is so nice to get home from a hard stress filled day at work, and not have to worry about cleaning up the house. I love coming home that way. Wives, if you husbands are looking for excuses to work later and later, you might want to apply this trick.
3. She loves to mother. I serioulsy tell you she absolutely loves her role as a MOM. All of it, the good, the bad, the ugly. I love to see her mothering.
4. She lets me work. I am a work aholic just like my dad. I struggle to take time off for vacations and NEVER come home early or at lunch. I know it bugs her, but she allows it to happen. I appreciate that.
5. She loves to Blog. I am so happy she has found this passion for blogging, because it will be so nice to come back 10 yrs from now and laugh at ourselves, remember the forgotten times, and just reflect on what we were doing, what was important, etc.

Well that is it for now. Sorry I had to brag a bit about the family. I truly love them.

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