Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Obsessing over Sushi Samba

{an appetizer Eric and I shared before everyone else got there, weird right?}

This past weekend, we went to dinner at Sushi Samba, Eric and I who actually fell in love over sushi, (really we did, it was however in retrospect, the worst sushi we have eaten) but we have always been big fans of new sushi spots. But this one might take the cake. Even over Nobu. So amazing. It was actually a Peruvian/Brazilian/Asian Fusion restaurant and they cook out of 3 kitchens. So they recommend you eat family style and they bring you samples from all over the menu instead of only having one thing. It was so fun. I got to try stuff I never would have thought to order. And do you know how I KNOW it was so good? Because I didnt even think about getting out my camera to take pics of it, I was too busy eating.

It was also fun to go out with these cool/cute couples. All the guys are employees of Eric's who we are friends with but don't hang out with all that much.  We had so much fun all together though. Great weekend! We loved it!
(more on the other exciting things later)

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