Thursday, April 23, 2009

High School Girlfriends

{Me, Chelly, Katie, Kristin, Liza and And}

Last night I got to have dinner with some of my favorite people to have dinner with, my High School girlfriends. We went to macaroni Grill in downtown Salt Lake, which happens to be where we always went to dinner to celebrate each others birthdays when we were in High School, not everyone could make it (especially since a couple live out of state) and everyone schedules are so busy it is hard to find a night that works for everyone.  And we missed the ones who weren't there. But, it was still so fun.

{sorry Andrea, I guess the waitress didn't think you needed to be in this pic}

Whenever we get together we usually have some of the same conversations
"Do you remember how stupid we were when we did this...."
"remember when we ran out of gas in Haley's van? or ran through the frat house? or crashed the green gator at Pier 49 pizza? remember when we dated that guy? or drove in Lindsey's Geo? How about this dance? or that fight? or Chelsey and No Doz? FYA??
It is so much fun. We can laugh and talk for hours. I never want to leave and we usually are the last ones in the restaurant.
All our stories made me a little nostalgic, so today I went and looked through some of my old pics I have in a box in my closet, so I thought I would scan and post some of them. For my memories sake, and my girlies. I love you guys!
I am so glad that 10 weddings (just one for each of us) and 12 kids later, we can still have so much fun together.

{Kristin, Jessi, Andrea, Me, Chels and Linz} 
{I think we thought we looked adorable this day... haha, just look at that extreme posing}

{Me and Liza Lou}

{Liza, me, Linz, Katie, Chelly, Andrea and Kristin}

{Kristin, Jessi, Chelly, me, Andrea and Linz}

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