Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

{Loving my little redheads freckles}

This post is a stark contrast to the post I wrote just a week ago about having snow. Today was warm, sunny and beautiful. So this morning we did a little park hopping. First we drove down to the Vintage in Provo to go to the park with my friend Haley and Camille and their kids.
Ady was outnumbered by the boys and was not interested in running through the sprinklers with her clothes off and throwing sand the way they wanted to. But the kids did love being outside.

{Ady, Hailey, Sam and Gavin}

{Sammy, Gavin and Max}

Then afterwards we were going to stay in Provo for Ady's ballet class when, 2 mins before class we realized Ady had left her ballet bag in the garage at home....
so we headed back towards home. And decided to meet up with some friends and neighbors at the park by our church for more fun in the sun.
Hannah and Cecily, 2 of Ady's favorite girl friends were there, she was much happier playing "fairies" with them. However, Max still wanted to throw things. Oh well, you can't please everybody.

{Max, Ady, Cecily, Ainsley and Lexi}

{Ady and Cecily above and Hannah and Lexi below}

We are so excited it is starting to get warm, warm weather+happy kids= very happy moms

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