Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Haley! (no, not me) my cute little blond friend sitting next to me in the picture above. If you know me well, you have certainly heard me talk about my Haley. (yes, my) She is my hero in many different ways. Haley has been through so much in her 27 years. Lost her first  son Johnny at 18 months old (he was hit by a car in their driveway the day they moved into our ward by the guy who came to hook up their gas.... painful for any mother to even imagine), lost a husband (not to death but in another way) just following her son's death, and has been a single mom for 2 years to her son Sammy (age 3 now) and manages to smile and be positive through it all.
I love her. She is the sweetest girl and one of the best people I know. Not many people who have gone through the challenges she has have come out on top the way she has. She is amazing in every way. So sweet, so genuine, so incredibly good. She really is like no one else I have ever known.

{Camille and Melinda}

So for her 27th birthday, Melinda Camille and I took her up to Sundance to the Foundry Grill for dinner last Friday night to celebrate her fabulousness. For real isn't she is total babe?
(sorry about the picture quality I stole these pics off Haley's facebook and copies are not as good)

{Hailey and Haley}

Love you Hay! Hope you had the happiest birthday!

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