Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in St. George

{Our family - Easter 2009}

{Ady loved the bunny ears Grandma Sue got her}

This past Easter weekend we spent at the St. George house with  Eric's side of the family. His parents were out from Ohio and his sister Lisa and her little family also went down to the warmer weather.
Our kids had a lot of fun with their cousins and grandparents doing all things Easter, such as

Egg Coloring...

Finding their Easter baskets that had been filled by the Easter bunny on Sunday morning.

Hunting for eggs in the yard...

Going to church on Easter Sunday {few things are as cute a kids on Easter Sunday}

{The Kandell/ Lovell kids on Easter Sunday}

{Max, Easton, Zach and Adyson}

{Our whole fam}

This is my favorite picture each year, of grandma and grandpa getting a nice shot with the kids, one of them is always crying, actually I think it has been just Max every year.

On Sunday afternoon Aunt Lisa made birds nest cupcakes with the kids. Darling.

We had a great Easter dinner {mostly cuz we ate while the kids were napping}

We had such a fun holiday weekend with everyone, I have so many more pictures to post from the other fun things we did while we were in St. george but I will have to do another post since this one is already huge with just the Easter celebrating.

{everyone in the front yard of the St. George house}

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