Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Green Shower for Baby

This beautiful mom-to-be Michelle Larsen is my next door neighbor. Michelle has a little boy Gavin who is my Max's age who passed away tragically and suddenly last summer, you can read her story here
(but just a warning, it will break your heart) So after her tragedy, we were so happy to hear she was expecting another little boy this June and wanted to have a special baby shower to celebrate with her.

Michelle dosen't have a name for her little bundle yet, just a nickname JJ (to remind her to have Joy in the Journey) so at the front door we had everyone write down some name suggestions for her and Jaron.

Her little Gavin's "color" was green, so Michelle didn't care what the theme was as long as there was plenty of green there to represent for little angel Gavin.

{Mama Michelle enjoying the fruit and chocolate}

We had cupcakes, of course, and chicken salad sandwiches and lots of "green" salads

{baby themed cookies, we had a bottle, rattle, buggy, onesie, and duckie}

This is Michelle with her cute sister Jessica, who was my co-host and came up with the cutest baby shower games.

Michelle got some darling gifts, and had so many people we love her attend

This blanket, Michelle and her mother in law made for her new baby, and they made it out of old shirts of Gavins. Isnt that a sweet idea, for new baby to have something from big brother??

The bottle chugging game, Michelle won!

{Gotta thank these 2 girls, Jen and Kristin for helping me so much, make favors, and treats and coming early for set up. Love them!}

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