Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a perfect day. We had spent the night up at a fun hotel in Salt Lake Friday night since my brother Brady and my new sister in law Natalie got married on Friday (photos and a post coming later) and we had a full day and night of festivities for them in SLC, so we just spent the night up there afterwards. In the morning, we went to a beautiful breakfast at the garden Cafe in out hotel. And I got to go "spa" while Eric and the kids swam at the hotel. Then after delicious street cart tacos in downtown for lunch we headed back home.
In the evening after everyone but me napped, we headed to a little plant nursery to get our Spring planting going. 

Ady and Max loved helping us pick out flowers and "vegbables" for our garden

We got tons of herbs

Erics sister Lisa had already given me (for my birthday) a bunch of different plants for a salsa garden, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro etc. so we got a few other things we wanted and headed home.

The kids helped us until it was too dark and chilly for them to be outside, so i put them to bed and Eric and I planted and cleaned our patio furniture until it was almost 11 pm.

I couldn't take any "after" pics til this morning since it was pitch dark by the time we came in last night so here is the finished product of my "first" vegetable garden.

This sign was my mothers day gift from Eric's mom, isn't she creative?




It was such a nice day to spend with my little family. At home. I loved it.

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