Sunday, May 10, 2009

A good day to be Mom.

{A proud Mommy with her kids}

Ady's school made Mother's Day card

Ady, Mom and Macky

Happy Mother's Day Grandma!

Of course, since my family came down for a Mother's Day dinner I got a couple cute cakes at Dippidee, one for Mother's Day and one to celebrate my returned missionary brother Spencer's first Sunday meal at home. I think his cake is awesome.

We had a great night with my family, it was even warm enough to eat in the backyard.

My kids with their Aunt Breanna

My Grandma Hatch came too.

The siblings, Austin, Spence and Christa

3 generations of mothers. My mom and her mom.

My mom loved the cards and gifts we all gave her.

And I loved my cards and hugs. Thanks kids!

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