Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Back.

Elder Spencer Smoot (my middle younger brother) has returned home from his Mozambique, Maputo LDS mission. Oh how I missed him. But, now he is back and we can talk everyday once again.
This morning at the church headquarters in SLC he was officially released. We love him and are so happy he is home.

{the men in my family}

Meanwhile my oldest younger brother Brady is getting married tomorrow (big week for my family) and I volunteered to help my mom with the luncheon, which of course I loved. But if I have to tie another tag on a favor, or match book onto a sparkler, or ribbon onto the menu or program or rearrange the seating chart one more time, I am gonna freak. I could seriously make favors in my sleep right now. 

Oh and in addition to that stress, I had a friend bring me over a treat today and I was trying to decide whether or not to eat it since my bridesmaid dress was tailored to fit me my regular size not my post king size candy bar size so I tried on my dress, it fit fine so I had some of my treat, just SOME and I cant get the dress off, the zipper is stuck. seriously I have had it half unzipped for the last 40 mins. I am considering walking next door to have my neighbor help me, but her husband is outside mowing and I would be "exposed". So I may just sleep in it tonight and cut it off tomorrow. No kidding, I dont even know what the zipper is stuck on. 

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