Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cabo Trip

{Cabo San Lucas, Mexico}

Sunday we returned from taking Erics top LO's to Mexico for 5 days. It was heavenly. And we so appreciate Eric's mom Sue coming to take care of our kids while we were gone. It was one of the best trips we have had since we had kids since we could relax knowing they were in good hands.

April 1st 
 We flew down to Cabo and arrived in the afternoon with enough time to check in, and walk the beautiful grounds of the resort and the beach.

After the sun went down we met for dinner at the hotel then went to the Mexicana show that night they put on, over the top cheesey but entertaining.

April 2nd 
We all met up in the lobby at 10 am for an excursion I had planned to go on a snorkel tour of the reef. I did lots of research on different boats that went out, and the CABOREY seemed like the best idea, since it was so big I figured no one would get seasick especially since one of the wives, Jen is prego. Well it turned out to be so fabulous. This huge yacht (which by the way is as cheap as the rest of the other dinky snorkel tours) had only booked out group and 3 others for the entire tour, (it can hold up to 325 people) so be basically had the entire ship and staff to ourselves. It was perfect. Amazing views, perfect weather and pina coladas that kept coming.

{view of Lovers Beach from the Caborey}

While we were on our way out to the reef we came across a family of whales, mommy, daddy and baby just jumpin and putting on a show for us for like 10 mins. Incredible! I took credit for  it too, I said I booked the whales to perform for us when I booked the private cruise. Of course, I couldnt really take credit we just got really lucky. (with both)

That night we all went to dinner at Krystal at the resort, it was not very good at all, but it was fun being all together.

Then we went and watched the Hotels performance of Grease. Even more over the top than the night before, we were laughing so hard.

{Nate didnt have a date on the trip so Eric and I took him under our wing}

April 3rd 

We spent most the day just lounging at the pool and enjoying our pretty surrounding and the weather. Since we have had snow in Utah up until the day we left for Mexico.

That night {friday} was our company white dinner {see previous blog post for more info and pics}
It was the best night, in my opinion of the entire trip

April 4th 

We all met up for breakfast then headed out for some more sun bathing at the pool for awhile

Then around lunch time we headed into town for some souvenir shopping for our kids. And got some super good street tacos.

{me and jen with the dresses for our girlies}

Then after lunch Eric, Nate, Erin and I headed over to Cabo Dolphins to do a swim with the dolphins. Erin and I were so excited, and the guys were good sports to come along.

It was so awesome to swim with the dolphins and feed them and etc. They are seriously cute. I know that sounds weird but they are.

That night {being our last night in Cabo} we decided to hit up the local scene in downtown, we went to Nik San sushi for dinner, Eric and I had been there before when we came to Cabo last and knew everyone would love it.

Then after dinner we walked down to the pier and got dessert at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the marina. So fun.

Then we went to Squid Roe a little cantina for some dancing. We had such a good time jumping around and singing so loud, it was a blast. 

{look at these awesome dancers, the Jorgensens and the Johnsons}
I love it! Especially since Jen is 7 months pregnant, she was still rockin out. So cute!

April 5th

Our last day, we spent the morning, sitting out in the sun and soaking in our last sunshine then we check out at 11 am and headed to fly home. It was kind of sad to leave but we were all excited to go see our kids (everyone there pretty much had left babies/kids at home) who we all were missing.
It was such a great trip and we hope everyone else had as much fun as we did.

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