Friday, July 31, 2009

Wyoming for the 24th

We spent another weekend in Wyoming up at my parents cabin for the 24th. We rode 4 wheelers, and fished, and cooked, and bonefired, and watched movies and relaxed in nature all weekend long. It was, as always great family time.
My kids loved every moment of being doted on by my siblings and parents and running around getting filthy as much as they could.

{my kids with my little sister Christa and Breanna and their little girlsfriends they brought}

These last 2 weeks have been insanely busy, the week I had my sister in laws shower {previous post} I also hosted an activity days recognition night Ice Cream social for 60 in our backyard. Then I had the shower, then the next day a huge get together and swim party with Erics family here all day. Then the following week we had...
A Neighborhood BBQ/Pool Party at our house
The the following day Maxwell had surgery, getting his lymph nodes drained and tubes in his ears
A boating excursion up to Deer Creek with some dear friends who are moving
The the next night a birthday party for Eric's mom who was in town at our house
A farewell girls dessert night the next evening for Linda. :(
Then a day later we left for the cabin trip. I want to try and post about all those fun things but things keep getting more busy as we try to fit so much into one little summer, so who knows.
Anyway we hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are.
Sheesh, I am exhausted though.

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