Monday, August 3, 2009

Our weekend in L.A.

{this picture is as good as it gets of me and Eric this weekend, I am such a blinker}

This past weekend, we went with some long time friends to L.A. for the weekend to celebrate Matt's birthday with him and his wife Edy. We left after Eric got home from work Friday so we ate a super late but simply fantastic sushi dinner at Katsu-ya in Hollywood. (no, we didnt see anyone famous, I was diappointed) but the food was so great. The Atkinsons have just as big of a sushi love as we do. So, it was great to go with them.

On Saturday morning, we got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. Then went out to the pool to get a cabana reserved for the day. The hotel we stayed at, The SLS Beverly Hills has an amazing rooftop pool, that we spent most of the day at.

{P.S. the guys at the far end of the pool were the Barcelona Soccer team in town to play LA Galaxy, they are the only famous people we saw while in town}

Some tother highlights of the trip that I did not photograph were
-Dinner at Mastero's in BH
-The Comedy Store - hilarious
-a couples massage with Eric at Ciel Spa
-trying to get a hot dog at Pink's but giving up on the super long line
-shopping for ERIC (I love when he gets new clothes)
and just hanging out with Eric. I get such bad anxiety when we leave our kids for the weekend but I love the time we get together when we go away. He is the best.

Also, we absolutely loved out hotel and the BAZAAR lounge and restaurant in out hotel. It was so beautiful. If you are in the area, seriously check it out. So unique.
Some interior photos I found of the SLS Beverly Hills, since we were so busy I didnt get to take many pics of this lovely hotel. I think the style is amazing.

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