Sunday, August 9, 2009


{Ady in the pool at our hotel}

Check Ady out, chillin in the burning hot Arizona sun on our annual girls trip with my mom and sisters. Was Arizona in August the best choice? Um... no. It was too hot to even think while we were there. I couldn't hack it. We usually go down there because my Aunt Carol and Cousin Meg live down there. But we decided next year we will all just fly and meet somewhere that isn't as hot as a preheated oven. Maybe LA or San Diego. But we did have fun spending time with my family. We did plenty of shopping (had to go where the AC was) and girls talk and such. Also my cousin Meagan just had her first child, and we love little baby Ella. She was so sweet and we were glad to have her along on our girl stuff.

I also apologize to my family for the lack of pics I took, like I said "too hot to think", so I didnt even think of taking pics. Oh well. Next year.
We cannot wait!

By the way, when Ady and I were checking out bags in at the airport to leave for Arizona the skycap asked her "And where are you going this week" and Ady said "to the girls trip". She was so excited.

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