Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Things.

Mostly I am writing this pictureless post to get rid of the yucky last post at the top of my page. My silly I photo has been acting strange so I have been unable to upload our latest happenings. But, hopefully I can soon. So instead of posting pics. I'll share some new things going on with each of us.

Eric - As if Eric has any spare time to do anything more than he already does. But, even with his full schedule, Eric has started a non profit charity benefitting families of deployed soldiers. Eric's entire mortgage business has been centered around helping Veterans with government loans. And now he has co-founded this charity to help military families. They are having a big charity golf game in September that he is really excited about. So setting that up and getting it all running has added  some early morning hours to his work day. Also, Eric has been called to be a Priest advisor in out ward (his dream calling) he has always wanted to work with the YM. I know they will love him too.

Me - Back when we lived in Provo I was on the Ladies Auxilary Board at the Riverside Country Club, which I very much enjoyed. Well, after doing an event with a large department store (not allowed to give their name or I would, kinda weird but I cant until I sign my contract) they offered me a position to do similar events for their store and some others in neighboring states, it was a full time position, which I was absolutely flattered but uninterested. I don't really have any desire to work out of the home while my kids are young. Anyway a few months back they contacted me again about a "freelance event planning position" because of the economy they cannot afford to keep someone like this on staff full time and remembered that I didnt want that anyway.  So, after going back and forth and me chatting with Eric about his feeling on the matter. I decided to sign on to do 6 events for them in 2010 (one every other month). It wont take too much time and almost everything I can do during nap time at my own home. Plus, I love throwing parties, so I actually can't believe I will be getting paid to do what I do for enjoyment around here all the time. So, as long as it dosen't keep me from the kids I am excited about having my own thing. The only down side is, I am doing everything in their name it's their event not Hailey Kandell's event, and they specifically forbade me from posting it on my blog as advertisement for myself. (even though I wouldn't use it as advertisement) But either way, I think it will be fun. 

Adyson - Ady is getting so excited to start school again next week, she is going to do 3 days a week this year to prep her for going to Kindergarten next year yikes! Ady is still loving dance class and we may even add another class this fall to her schedule. Ady's most recent news, came when we took her to her yearly check up at the dentist. Now, if you know me you know, that no one has had more dentist visits than me. I recently had a cavity filled on the last tooth in my mouth that didn't already have a crown, root canal or cavity. And yes, i brush, floss and water pick. Apparently, I have the Smoot acidic saliva. Sorry for the TMI. Anyway, back to Ady. Well, she had 8, possibly 9 (one they couldn't get a good x-ray of) cavities in her little mouth, EVERY SINGLE MOLAR, needs work. SO, next week, she is going under at a local surgical center for 1 and a half to 2 hours of dental work. They recommend taking care of it this way so it can be one visit instead of 6 traumatic ones. I feel just awful for her. Needless to say we have been nazi cleaning her teeth 3 times a day since the appointment. Poor babe.

Max - I get a little flutter in my heart thinking about how big and old Max is getting. I absolutely love his age right now. Love it. If I could bottle up this age and sell it's absolute adorable-ness, I would and I would make a fortune. Everyone should have a Max. Max got the little ear surgery this past month where they drain your lymph nodes and put tubes in his ears. Poor kids had had about 16 ear infections since January. So. he's been so much happier since that happened. We are working on potty training now. I really think I could do it in 3 days if we could find 3 days to just stay home, the way I did it with Ady but life is too busy.  Maybe when Ady starts back to school.

Anyway, we are having a great summer, and cannot believe it is almost over. It's almost our 5 years Anniversary (mine and Eric's) and we are taking a fun trip with the kids to celebrate. We are so excited.

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