Monday, August 10, 2009

On the Lake

{Steve, Zach, Max and Eric}

Tonight we spent our family night, out with family on the lake. Eric's sister Lisa, her husband Steve and Easton and Zach joined us for a night of tubing, wakeboarding and relaxing on the boat.

This was actually our first time this summer taking out our boat. Summer has been flying by with so much going on, and we have really missed spending evening and Saturdays at the lake like last summer. Our kids were in heaven, so we better cram a lot of boating in over the next month. Max kept saying "it's fun mommy, it's fun"

How cute are all of these faces? Ady and Easton are 6 months apart and are both 4 this year. They love playing together and tonight they were having a blast, tubing together and playing in the front of the boat.

{Ady and Easton}

The dad's were so great to take the kids out on the tubes, especially since I rarely drive the boat so my rides can be a bit jerky. Zach and Max went out first to chow the older siblings it was safe. They kept waving at us and laughing. 

 Yes, my 2 year old son is holding a diet coke in the above picture, trust me he got it from his dad, his mother dosen't even drink caffeine.
More cousin love...

{Zach and Max}
Max and Zach are starting to be good buddies too, the both turned 2 this year and are just 3 weeks apart. It took them awhile to learn to play nicely together but now that they finally do, it's fun to see them together.

Aunt Hailey with her kids and her nephews. Love you guys!

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