Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fairy Party

Today we celebrated Ady's 4th birthday with a Fairy themed get together. Every year previous Adyson's party has been with her friends and their families. So, this year we thought she was old enough to host just her little girlfriends. They were so cute. She invited 5 of her little friends, we kept the list smaller since I planned to make tutu's and wings for each of the guests. 
Before the party we took each girl, her own set of homemade fairy wings and matching tutu. They all got to be different colors of fairies and Ady was a rainbow of all of their colors. They looked adorable. We also hired a face painter/balloon artist to give the girls fairy faces and balloon wands. Darling.

The fairies...
Adyson (the multi colored fairy)

Karlee (the yellow fairy)

Hannah (the pink fairy)

Lexus (the peach fairy)

Savannah (the green fairy)

Cecily (the rose fairy)

Ady had plenty of help opening her gifts.

The kids loved watching their butterfly and sparkle wands folded by the ballon artist

Check out the real birthday girl and the balloon version

After the face painting and balloons the girls fancied up their place mats, with jewels and stickers and glitter for their fairy lunch.

And lastly there was cake....
We moved upstairs after lunch for some super yummy cake and Ady-fairy berry juice
{look close at the picture on the Jones soda wrapper}

Thanks for coming you cute little ladies!

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