Monday, July 6, 2009


We just returned from a wonderful 5 days in Kent Ohio at the Kandell Compound, for our annual 4th of July celebration with Eric's family. I have so so so many pictures and so much going on the next couple of days that I am just posting the pics I took of Eric's parents lovely home and yard for now. I am sure you will see why our kids think Ohio is heaven. Yard like this do not exist in Utah. {None of the color in the photos has been enhanced, it is really that green}

Our kids love feeding the donkeys Gladie and Gabe everyday. max will even eat the food along with them {cringe}

This is my favorite of all of Sue's planters, {and their are lots} one of the planters is Eric's shoe from when we was just a toddler and the other is his worn out shoe he wore home from him mission to Chile. Awesome idea, isn't it?

And this isn't even all of it, I didnt document the berry bushes, the kids love to pick and eat from, the woods {where the Kandell's legendary "killdozer" supposedly lives, or the pool. 
We love Ohio... and I will post the pics from the trip as soon as Ady's birthday (tomorrow) and her Fairy Party (Wednesday) are behind us.

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