Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ady's Day

Ady Bug,
I have so many favorite memories of you, but truly the first or most memorable one that comes to my mind is the day you were born.  You will always be my "first" and the experience of your birth was truly life changing.  I remember it very well, from your purple color, to your cries, to your eyes and yes, even your weird looking head.  It turns out your head was just perfect, but I didn't know that at the time.  I can't even begin to explain what a father feels when he sees he little princess born.  Everything just stopped and you were all that mattered.  Just ask your mom, for everything to stop in my world is very hard, but that day and at that time it did.  You are a precious gift and I love you very much.

In addition to your birth some other great memories I have with you are:
your first steps,
driving you to school and talking all the way there
playing on the beach
watching you get all dressed up in your dresses
listening to your conversations
I could go on and on.  

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and want you to know how much I love you.
Love Dad

Ady Rose,
Happy 4th Birthday my little princess buggy bug! Do you know how much I love you? You are my best little girlfriend, and my big helper, and the best protective older sister to max, that we could ever ask for. I have so many favorite memories of you. Your birth, as your dad said was amazing and life changing. From the moment you were born, you were such a sweet content baby. We took you everywhere, you went out of town with us all the time, and whenever people would give the the look on a airplane like "oh no, I hope that baby dosent cry", I would say to them "Don't worry, she travels great, you wont even know she is here". It made for an easy transition into parenthood. I used to love when you would take naps on your daddy's chest, and fall asleep in your saucer. I remember one night thinking you looked so cute, so I had an impromptu photo session with you on my bed,  only to review the pics and find you were, cross eyed, blinking or yawning in all of them and I still thought you looked perfect. I love everything about you and we are so proud of you.

I love your giggley smiles
and your prancing run
and when you say "oh no mommy, I'll take care of you" whenever I complain of a headache or anything
I love watching you cook with daddy
and be the sweet big sister to little Max.

You are so special Ady, and I love you so much.

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