Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Santa Monica

Last weekend, I took a little girls trip with some of my girlfriends to Santa Monica, California. Being busy mothers (me, Chelly and Amy) of and busy student/full time working woman (Sarah) our main goal was to do a little relaxing.

We had so much fun, chatting, and laughing and doing whatever we felt like whenever we felt like doing it. Thanks girls for the fun, fun weekend. Same time, new place.. next year??

Friday night dinner at Sushi Roku in Santa Monica

Followed by rides, ice cream, hula hooping (Chels) at the carnival on the Santa Monica Pier

Chels said the ferris wheel felt romantic so I planted a big smooch on her

We made plenty of time for laying out with pina coladas and our books/magazines/i-pods

Saturday night we went to dinner at Ketchup in West Hollywood, hoping to see someone famous... we didn't.

While all on the trip we also did a bit of shopping on Rodeo in Beverly Hills and 3rd street Promonade in Santa Monica

Our final objective for the trip was to find the best cupcakes L.A. had to offer, we tried 
Vanilla Bake Shop (very good but super rude sales girl)

Yummy Cupcakes (not so yummy we all felt so sick)

And then Sprinkles.. sounds obvious but we liked Sprinkles the best

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