Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turning 2

My Maxwell is turning 2 years old in a little over a week so I wanted to post for my own records some things about Max at this darling age.

At 2 years old Max can
run and jump big (both feet off the ground)
talk in understandable sentences, small sentences... but still
share his toys (most the time)
use utensils, but prefers his own hands
eat more than me and Ady combined
hide so well it freaks his mom out
survivial swim and float
sing Twinkle Twinkle and I am a Child of God
play well with others (especially sister Ady)
Go to nursery happily without making a fuss
sleep 11 hours straight at night and take a 2-3 hours nap everyday
make me laugh all the time
do puppy dog eyes when in trouble
sit in time out without moving
drink from a cup (only spilling half the time)
shower alone for a hour if I would let him
answer most simple questions 
Count to 15 (the amount of stairs we have)
Say a simple bedtime prayer

Max's Favorite Things
his 2 "beds" (polka dot blankies) cannot sleep with out BOTH of them
story books
shoes (or shoes-on as he calls them)

At 2 years old Max likes
movies (all disney)
Little Einsteins
EVERYTHING PIRATES (ever since Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyand)
to cuddle
story time
baths and showers
going "bye bye car" (going bye bye in the car)
running outside
picking flowers "a no no in our yard"
candies (borderline addiction)
nursery at church
getting rocked in his chair before bed
following Ady around
talking about his upcoming pirate party

At 2 years old Max DOES NOT like
going to bed before everyone else
to wait for his food
when toys are taken from him
getting buckled in his carseat
being in a stroller when Ady is not

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