Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Celebration Begins....

Tonight we went up to my mom and dad's for a little Sunday dinner and birthday celebration for my sister Breanna (turning 11 years old) and for my Max who on Tuesday will be 2 years old. My mom always likes to have a dinner honoring each birthday in our family with a dinner menu selected by the birthday guest. Breanna and Max collaborated and it was a pasta bar complete with ever kind of pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, shells etc. My kids loved it!
Then there was cake time, I had Dippidee make Max an airplane cake which he loved, even the airplanes were edible.

{as soona s he blew out his candles he started licking it cake}

My parents got Max a cute little pretend puppy that he can pull on a sting that pants and barks and they got his a BIKE!! He was so excited, he just laughed and laughed. he has wanted a bike since Ady got one last year. Now he is ready to roll.

Breanna was such a great sport to share her day with Max since today was officially "her " day. She is the best little aunt to our kids , they just love her.

{Breanna's cake}

And tomorrow night is Max's 2nd birthday party we are throwing him at our house, it is going to be a Pirate party. Max is so excited, he wont quit asking about it. 

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