Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunny St. George.

I just returned from a non-relaxing but extremely fun filled 3 days in St. George with the kids. When Eric is busy at work at the weather is bad, there is really only one thing to do, head out with the kids in tow.

Luckily there were some other moms who needed some blue sky as well, so we headed down to the St. George house for some sun fun.

Gavin, Sammy and Adyson

Here is who came... me and the other 2 mamas, Haley and Camille


The girls Hailey and Adyson

and Gavin and Sammy

We had a lot of fun at the downtown park, with the waterfalls and little river. It was warm enough to strip down the younger ones.

We also hit up some other fun spots, another park Camille found....

Ady loved all the flowers that were in bloom

We went and got ice cream, something you appreciate more when it is warm outside

The sand dunes in Snow Canyon

The Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

It was so fun, for sure a little crazy with 5 kids under 4 running around, but it was nice to get away.

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