Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pirate Party

Tonight was Maxwell's much anticipated (by our little family) Pirate Party to celebrate our little dude's 2nd birthday (officially on the 31st) It was too fun. Max was loving everything pirate and was happy so many of our friends and cousins showed up to party.

{I am so in love with this little man}
{and this little girly girl}

{The "buried treasure" favors we sent home with everyone}

{even the utensils wrapped in napkins wanted to be dressed up for the pirate theme}
{no party hats at a pirate party, has to be pirate hats with eye patches}

Adyson was loving all the gold coins mom sprinkled everywhere, she was collecting them all night in her hat.

We all had to many yummy sweets....

...especially Maxwell

Max was concentrating so hard on blowing out his candle, he was going cross eyed.

And just like last night up at my mom and dad's, Max bit right into the cake as soon as we were done singing to him.

Eric and I sported some sweet hats for the night too.
We cannot believe Max is 2 years old now. Where does the time go??? I have 2 kids now, not babies. Ahhh... number 3, where are you??

We had some of the cutest little pirates at the party. All of them so fun and cute and happy to be playing.

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