Thursday, March 12, 2009


We keep getting little Spring teasers. So the other night we pretended it was actually a Spring evening and took the kids outside, turned on the fire pit and roasted marshmellows to make s'mores. I dont know if everyone else has had the amount of sickness we have. But, we are SO ready for some warm weather. So so ready. Last week Ady had tonsillitis, a 103 degree fever and all the other junk that comes with it. This week it is Max with an acute case (actually there is nothing cute about it) of tonsillitis and 2 "raging ear infections" as the Dr/ put it. Poor kid, everytime I come at him with a medicine syringe or eardrops he screams and runs.
So, needless to stay we cannot wait for Spring to be here, and if it isn't here soon I am heading south.

Max showing me a flower, a dry dead flower but you take what you can get
My kids were just so happy to be playing outdoors

...mmm yummy...

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