Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just this month

We have had at our house...
- a sinus infection (Hailey)
- double ear infection (Max)
- acute tonsillitis (Max)
 - full blown tonsillitis (Ady)
 - pink eye (Ady... thanks Challenger School)
 - pink eye (Hailey... thanks Ady)
 - left ear infection (Ady)
- croupy cough (Ady)
 - throwing up (Ady.. thanks to the croupy cough)
 - bronchial inflamation (Ady)
 - workaholicism (Eric, and since he spends most his time at work his also has had perfect health...punk.)

To help with those sicknesses we hav
 - been to the kids pediatrician 2 times
- after hours urgent care 4 times
 - family doctor once
 - had Ady on breathing treatments
 - both kids on antibiotics - Ady twice
 - daily sinus rinses (Max screams bloody murder)
 - tylenol and Ibprofen around the clock
 -eye drops for me and Ady
 - ear drops for macky

If spring could get here soon that would be just great. 

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