Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweet Baby James

For my birthday back in May, Eric got my tickets to go see James Taylor (one of my favorites) at Usana Amphitheatre, so last night we went. He was so good. I love seeing him live because he sounds just like he does on his album. I mean...exactly, He is so talented. 

I was hoping the whole night he would play my favorite cowboy lullaby "Sweet Baby James" and he did, I was so excited. I used to (in High School) think I wanted to name a baby boy James, just so I could sing this lullaby or maybe just play it to him. I still might have to. 

Eric, I think was a little less than interested in James, or any of the songs. Can you be addicted to your I-phone??

5 mins after we got there......

and an hour later...

But, anyway, I am so glad Eric gave me those tickets as a present. It was a very nice evening.
And even thought it said right on the ticket, no videotaping, I did get a little clip so you can see just how good he sounds in person. Really, it's awesome.

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