Sunday, August 10, 2008

A "Kandell" Weekend

The bid daddy of all Kandell's was in town for a visit this weekend, Grandpa Jim. So many people ask me if Eric's parents are married since Eric's mom Sue is always in town without Jim, and now Jim is in town without Sue. But,  yes they are married. (happily). Sue just usually wants to come visit for a couple weeks and Jim is usually working but this summer we finally convinced him to take his own little weekend out to visit us. So Jim came in town on Friday, and we just hung out with Eric's family all weekend, our house Saturday, swimming and watching the Olympics. Sunday after church and naps we hung out at the Lovells and did a Backyard BBQ, it was a nice weekend. That we, as always, over documented with photos. Enjoy!! We love how much these cousin love playing together.

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