Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flaming Gorge and the Smoot Cabin

{the road into the cabin}

My parents have, what is in my opinion, the perfect cabin. Perfect. It is up in Mountain View, Wyoming. On something like 38 acres, nestled back into the woods the cabin's name is Elkhorn. I love going there. It's private and secluded, with everything in the world to do, 4-wheelers, snomobiles, little ponds with a fishing boat, exploring, campfires, movies and more importantly, it's great for uninterrupted family time. It's got it all. We have always had a cabin since I was a kid and some of my best childhood memories come from those wonderful trips. I hope my parents cabin will hold memories like that for my kids.

{me and my lovey dovey}

We went up to my parents cabin this past Thursday for our annual August Flaming Gorge/Smoot Cabin trip. Every year since Eric and I have been married, we have gone to Flaming Gorge with my family while staying up at the cabin, Flaming Gorge is about 48 miles from their cabin. This year we were missing only Spencer, my little brother who is still serving his mission in Africa.

{all the girls....oh and Max}

{my kids with my brothers}

{Ady the flower picker}

{Ady and Breanna}

My kids love being with their aunts and uncles and being outside. They love all the exploring, it is the best place for Ady who just wants to find bugs and pick flowers all day.


We spent all day Friday on the lake, it was slightly chillier than it normally is but that didnt stop the boys from spending most the time in the water. And by chilly I mean just in the 70's ... so we weren't suffering. Check out all the pretty red rock canyons, this lake is so beautiful. And the water was really warm.... well, so I heard.

{Austin, Max and Brady}

Lucky for me, Max finally fell asleep after a whole day of boating.

{Ady and her mama and my mama}

Check out my brother Brady, riding 2 tubes behind the boat.

{what is this face, Max??}

{me and my men}

Brady's girlfriend Natalie was such a great sport, she tubed with my insanely wild brother.

{Natalie, Christa and Brady}

{my kiddos...}

{Ady and my parents}

{Breanna, Christa, Natalie,my mom and Max}

The cabin and the lake were so fun. We loved all the food, fun and family time. Thanks again mom and dad for the awesome weekend. We love you guys!!

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