Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Best Company

Tonight we had over Eric's sister Lisa, her husband Steve, and the best cousins ever Easton and Zach. 

There was watermelon...and lots of it.

There were some delicious seasoned and grilled veggies, some of them even from Lisa's garden (I am so jealous she has a awesome vegetable garden to cook from)

There were yummy honey garlic shrimp kabobs

There was lots of cousin fun in the pool

There was the debut of my new fall dark hair look (yes, I know its not fall, I got anxious)

There was popsicles and sharing of those popsicles.

There was Ady's swim suit that didnt fully "cover her subjects", and there were chocolate cover pretzels in the hot tub

There were out favorite boys... just chillin in the water

and last of all there was some brave jumping.....

and creative jumps...

Great night! Thanks Lovells!

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