Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Neighborhood Tragedy

I have been so sad for my neighbors the past few days. Sunday evening at 8:45 pm an ambulance pulled into our little circle, to pick up our next door neighbors baby boy who is just over a year (Max's age). He had been sick all day Sunday, I sat right next to him and his dad in Sunday School, and he had seemed tired and sick. That night they gave him some tylenol and laid him down to bed, only to check on him a half hour later and find him not breathing. Shortly after at the hospital he was pronounced dead. Because of the baffling circumstances an autopsy was performed but results could take a month. His funeral is this weekend. 
Eric and I have been over to see them, and the other night when we were there, I told her "I am a mother and I cannot even imagine how hard this is" and she told me something I thought was interesting and so heartbreaking too. She said "don't even try, I have spent so much time worrying about what if something horrible happened to my baby, and it did me no good, because nothing can prepare you for if it does happen to you"  I thought it was an interesting thing to say because just this past month we had the relief Society lesson about death that I am sure a lot of you had. And in my ward we also spoke about fear, and how fear and faith cannot exist in the same place. But, it is hard for me when you hear stories like this , so close to home to not fear for your children. 
I was up last night in the night at 3:23 am thinking about this very thing when I saw the neighbors car pull into their driveway, coming home from making funeral arrangements in the middle of the night. My heart just aches for them. I am so glad they have knowledge that their family can be together again one day but I am sure the pain is terrible all the same. 
I have 2 other friends who have lost toddlers, one just a month ago, her daughter choked on a apple in the carseat in the back of their car, and one is one of my dearest friends Haley who lost her little boy when he got hit by a car in their driveway 2 summers ago. Haley is so wonderful, she has agreed to go and meet with my neighbor to tell her her experience since my neighbor has told her family she really wants to talk to someone who has experienced a loss like hers and the emptiness she is feeling. 
I think you dont even have to know people very well or even at all when you hear stories like this to not try and imagine what they must be going through. Please keep our neighbors the Larsen's in your prayers. I hope they can continue to feel love and support and take comfort in their faith of being able to see their little boy again one day. 

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