Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Max

Maxwell Shane Kandell aka Macky, Mac MAc, Tavey, Mactavious, Mickey Mic, Tarvin, Turtle, Snuggle Bug, Baby Boy and the little one (even thought he is not really the little one)

Almost to the hour one year ago, Maxwell Kandell made his way into the world. He was originally due on April 14th, but came 2 weeks early just like his sister because of my pregnancy induced High Blood pressure, (hypertension) and just like with his sister i was not dilated at all when they started me after being on bedrest, so it was a pretty long ordeal, for the most part it was miserably uncomfortable because of the magnesium sulfate I was on to prevent seizures because of the high blood pressure. However for the most part this time my epidural worked which made me slightly less delirious during the ordeal. Max was 8 lbs 1 oz. when he was born just in between the morning and afternoon session of conference which we were watching in our room during labor (well, everyone else was) He was Named Maxwell (cuz we like it) Shane (after Max's grandpa, my dad) Max has been such a sweet blessing in our home since the day he arrived, he and his sister are close in age about 20 months apart and it has been wonderful to have them so close and such good little buddies. Max was a good baby, good eater, good sleeper and only made us crazy when we had to ride in the car with him. Have you ever heard of an infant or child who will NOT sleep in a carseat? Well, Max is THAT guy. He is a mellow and happy little chub. He has always been in the 80-90% for his weight and is still constantly chowing all the time. We call him our garbage disposal cuz he will eat pretty much anything. We love Max so so much and are so glad he is our son and brother and so glad he came to our home when he did. He is our little sweetheart and we love him so much! happy Birthday Macky Mac!!

About 2 seconds old

Two hours old

2 weeks old

Maxwell's fist bath

Newborn pics with big sister Adyson

3 months old

Max at 6 months old

For his first Halloween Max had to dress up as a Monkey...

....and a bunny to match our "Alice In Wonderland" theme.

Max at 8 months old with his daddy

OUr first family picture with Max, Christmas 2007

(Max at 10 months old)

And for the record I wanted to write that Max on his one year birthday weighs in at a impressive 24.5 pounds only a half pound less than his big sister. He also is 30 inches tall.
So fat.
We Love You Max!!

All professional photography again by Kelly Sansom of Gallery Photography, view his site at

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