Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunny Skies = Happy Kids = Happy Moms

So, on Sunday morning when we woke up for church and saw SNOW, again. I was kind of dreading another week inside. So I hopped on my computer and checked the weather in St. George (as if I needed to) and the forecast looked tempting...too tempting, I called my sister in law and the 2 of us brave mothers buckled all four of our toddlers (one three year old, one two and a half year old, and two babies that just turned one) in the back of my SUV and drove the 4 hours straight to St. George yesterday. The weather is perfect, the kiddos are sunscreened (probably not a word, I know) and happy. And we are having a great time. Too bad the daddies have to work, or we would be having Spring Break Part 2.

And if you are guessing that "they all probably fell asleep during the long car ride", well you would be wrong.

Since I did say something about this being Spring Break I though it only fitting that I put a picture of a cute girl in a skimpy suit.... look at that little tummy.

Somehow I managed to fit the jump house in the back of my car with all of our luggage. Well worth the headache of getting it to fit.

Max is a smart kid, he keeps his distance from the craziness, like here for example playing OUTSIDE of the jump house

Playin in the water...

I am sure you can guess what happened here.

We love it if and when Ady and Easton play together nicely, the key word being "if"

Ady using Easton as a boogie board.

I just love these faces!

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