Saturday, April 12, 2008


We started our second day at Disneyland early too, we were hardcore Disney-goers today we even stayed late enough at the Park to see the 10 pm Fireworks show. It was such a fun day, and the kids were loving it! Eric and I love to watch what great buddies they are now. They love being together, it is so great! I am so so so glad my kids are so close in age. It keeps getting more and more fun. This week we have especially noticed how much they love each other which we, of course, love to watch.
Since we have been going non-stop all day, we are so ready to go to bed right now, the only reason I am even still awake to type this is cuz we are waiting for some room service to arrive. And if it were just food I would have probably already have gone to bed, but it's DESSERT so I am fighting sleep to wait for it. So, in summary we are loving Disneyland, and we are exhausted from all the fun!

The "A" in cAlifornia is also for Adyson

We took a mid-day break today for a dip in the pool.
Our Minnie Mouse, I tried and tried to find a Mickey costume in Macky's size but boy costumes are just not around like all the girl ones are. Bummer.
Dad and Ady at dinner at a sushi spot in the Paradise Pier
Mom, Ady and Mac Mac in front of the carousel in Fantasyland
After the firework show

Max in Downtown Disney, dosent even seem to notice he is up 2 hours after bedtime

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